What is Photography Worth?

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What is photography worth? The intangible aspects of a photograph are undeniably valuable, but just how valuable are they? It is near impossible to put a price tag on photographs captured during the first 24 hours of life or a particularly tender moment at a wedding or any given family life stage.

It is my hope that the images captured by THOR*tography become treasures woven into the fabric of your family history and in sense develop an iconic presence as they hang on walls or are pulled out to be viewed on birthdays or anniversaries or at other celebrations.

At the end of the day, I hope you think THOR*tography is worth it. Below are session offerings for your consideration.  Please get in touch for additional details.

It is remarkable just how quickly a newborn changes. It is almost unreal how much can happen even in a week. Fresh 48 sessions provide a way of capturing the very earliest moments of a little one’s entrance into the world. While certainly everyone will have a different hospital or home birth experience, there is a certain fresh awe and wonder that happens in those first 48 hours of life that cannot be replicated.


A Typical Day Session
Wake up. Eat Breakfast. Brush teeth. Library Storytime. Errands. Nap. Lunch. Go to the Park. Dinner. Bedtime.

All the standard elements of a day are full of little moments that are so easy to take for granted or miss, but it is just these elements that make growing up such a curious event to observe. The cumulation of all the smallest parts of life meld into an impression and the impression melts into a memory.

During a Typical Day Session I will send time documenting your family life and everything that comes with it. Start to finish.

Life this Year Session
In a year a child goes from complete dependence to walking and talking.. In another year he will be running. By the time he is three he will be playing catch. The rapid growth and development of the first year of life doesn’t stop as children grow up and learn new skills and play with new ideas. Many people say, “It happens fast” but what I’ve discovered is it doesn’t stop happening fast as family dynamics change and shift from one year to the next.

The “Life this Year” offering helps capture the growth and development of your family over a whole year. Rather than a single session, this offering provides your family with a session every 3 months (4 sessions total) where I help document the way your family grows.

Short Story Session
One of the powerful parts about a photograph is its ability to communicate what life is like in a specific time and place. You are able to access your life in a unique way through a frame or series of frames. Sometimes a short photographic story of where your family is at is what works best for documenting the arrival of a new little one, a first birthday, or how a child is growing.

The Short Story session provides you with a single 1-2 hours of photography showcasing your life.
Weddings start at $2,300 for full day coverage, a set of editorially selected proofs, high-resolution images with printing rights. I would be happy to work on finding a custom solution that meets your needs. Please contact me for details. We can work it out.

All sessions include an online gallery, with Fine Art Prints and Albums available and encouraged. Additional digital product is also available. For more specific information or if you have a special photography request please contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you!




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