*expecting & arriving

There is something amazing about the way a human life enters into the world. For about forty weeks, a child is woven together in a mysterious way inside a mother’s womb and then, when the time is right, a baby is born.

When photographing those expecting, my goal is to capture this short, but unique period of time in a way that is natural and uncontrived in familiar spaces. I want to be present without being intrusive and able to give direction without making people feel uncomfortable or awkward. I do my best to fuse a bit of creative fun with tenderness.

And then the new life arrives. The beautiful subtlety of a fresh newborn life never ceases to impress me. The tiny fingers!  The tiny toes!  So many sweet details put a life together! And though, so small, a newborn impacts every surrounding relationship. Suddenly everyone is given new titles: mother, father, brother, sister. Newborn Photography is always an exceptional treat.