In Other Words

THORtography captures the moments we don’t realize exist, those priceless and candid shots. Customers are also treated with the utmost care and quality as the pictures that are developed. THORtography truly goes out of its way to make customers feel valued and special!

Thor has that classic eye for symmetry and expression. His style is refreshing and very creative. I trusted him completely and hardly even noticed his presence during the ceremony and the reception. He is a true professional, artist and friend.

When our little girl was discharged from her 14 week stay in the NICU Thor was there to photograph our first day home. The sweet relief of that day washes over me whenever I look at those photos. Thank you Thor for preserving that moment in time for us. The photos you have taken of my family are among my most cherished of possessions.

He is a good talented fun loving person and tries to keep the session as fun as possible so he can get the most beautiful pictures. I am glad I had him photograph the most beautiful memories of ours.

I can honestly say that many of the best photos of our family have been taken by Thor. He is excellent at capturing real-life moments. Thor is a great photographer and a great guy!

Thor’s creativity, eye for perfection, and personality led to the most gorgeous photographs celebrating our engagement and marriage!

Thor was amazing at our wedding! He was in all of the right places at the exact right time! He was very organized and professional. He took all of his pictures without seeming obtrusive or in the way.

We are so incredibly thankful for Thor and would recommend him to anyone who wants their wedding or event captured in a thoughtful, unforgettable way.

The day of our wedding, Thor was there every minute, and it felt like he entered into our joy and celebration not only as a photographer but also as a valued friend. Thor has a way of being actively present during the day but is also able to almost let you forget that he’s taking photos so you’re really able to just enter into the moments of the day and not be distracted by the photography.
— Christy

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