About THOR*tography


My wife and I 2007 Photo by: Adam Trunoske

and my kids….thor_newbornsPascal 2010, Sonya(2012), Vivian (2014) 

Elliott the surprise child…2017

I am about celebrating life. As a husband with three four young children, I know how quickly we can move through the day to day routines and take the present for granted. In my house bedtime is a circus, meals are like feeding time at the zoo, and taking a walk becomes an expedition. I love it.

Deep down inside I want to be the photographer you adopt into your family so I can help you treasure up the stories of your early love for one another on your wedding day and follow you on through anniversaries, babies, kids, and on and on and on.

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon.


Thor Rasmussen
mail: PO Box 6685 | Saginaw, MI | 48608



Frequently Asked Questions

Is your name really Thor?

We’re getting married in (insert location). Do you travel?
Yes! There are some bits and pieces we would need to work out, but I am totally game.

Can you make me look like I just stepped off Pinterest?
Not really. The thing is, you are unique and my goal is to capture your uniqueness. Sometimes my style will intersect with what is trending, but at the end of the day you are one of a kind and I want to make sure that is reflected in the photographs.

What’s with all the newborn photos? Aren’t you a tough guy?
Part of the irony of my life is being named Thor and being a really pretty gentle with a soft heart. I love newborns. A whole person in such a tiny body. They are wondrous people.

What photographers do you admire most?
Eve Arnold and Bruce Davidson.

What should I wear?
Something comfortable. Contrary to the rumors you may have heard you don’t have to look stylish to be stylish. Style is a very independent kind of thing. I like people to wear what they normally would wear…ok maybe a little gussied up but no need to go over the top.