When I shoot a wedding, I want to deliver you a finished product. Each wedding comes with a set of editorially selected 4×6 proof prints and USB of High-resolution digital images in a finely crafted box. This guarantees you can interact with your photographs immediately and not wait to go to a computer. When you set this timeless little box of treasure on a shelf or table it will help keep your wedding day present to visit through the years.
*** Fine Art Prints***
While digital images provide a way to share and manipulate photographs in a new and exciting way, there is something absolutely magical about a fine art print of a photograph. When a photograph comes off a screen, it can move onto walls and mantles and span generations in a timeless way. The photograph occupies physical space and can be handled and create an interaction beyond a ‘swipe’ or ‘click’ It starts a story. Your story. A story to share with your friends and family. Prints are given a special level of attention and printed using the finest inks and paper, but what makes a print magical is the content.
*** Leather Album***
A variety of leather albums are available including a 12″x12″ variety (shown) .
low_res_20130302-DSC_6793 leather album low_res_20130302-DSC_6799 low_res_20130302-DSC_6800 low_res_20130302-DSC_6803 low_res_20130302-DSC_6807
*** Linen Album***
The linen album is available in a 10″x 10″ format with multiple color options and includes imprinting and photo cover.
 low_res_20130402-DSC_0405 low_res_20130402-DSC_0408 low_res_20130402-DSC_0409 (1) low_res_20130402-DSC_0412 (1) low_res_20130402-DSC_0415 low_res_20130402-DSC_0416 low_res_20130402-DSC_0418